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Just for fun – Pocket Geek

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday January 25, 2008 )

It’s Friday and time for a little fun with this interesting Flash game, sure to appeal to anyone who’s worked with developers and programmers.

It’s crunch time. There’s a big software project in the works and only 5 days before the rollout date. Pocket Geek is here to save the day. Or is he? It’s your job to keep him on task and healthy in order that you meet the deadline and keep your own job.

Your pocket geek must be fed and kept happy. You’ll need to watch the productivity and energy meters that provide a reading on Pocket Geek’s status. The aim is to keep the level in the green. Too far into yellow or red and Pocket Geek will expire. Entertainment is also an important part of keeping Pocket Geek balanced, which in turn helps with productivity – unless overdone.


There’s all sorts of amusing things you can do – issue a rant, feed him candy and twinkies. There’s also, umm.. some sort of pills you can give him too and I’m not sure if they are vitamins or something illegal :)

But it’s not all about being a manipulator. In between work days, you’ll need to complete brief IQ tests yourself. Thank goodness they are multiple guess… I mean choice.

I failed miserably in the game as I kept giving my pocket geek coffee and pizza – heck, that’s what I’d want someone to do for me!

I found it took a loooong time for the game to load, but after that, it was all quick and smooth. Have fun, but don’t expect to gain anything useful from it except to enjoy the Flash skills of the game’s authors :).


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