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Pew’s Paid Content Survey Results

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday January 2, 2011 )

While nearly two thirds of U.S. online users have paid to download some sort of content – it’s not all just music and software.

A surprising result from Pew Internet’s survey of 755 U.S adults who have an Internet connection was 18% have paid for a digital newspaper, magazine, or journal articles or reports and 11% have paid for members-only content from a site containing other free material.

10% have paid for e-books, 7% have paid for podcasts and 5% have paid to access websites such as online dating sites or services.

46% said they had purchased only one or two of the types of content covered in Pew’s survey and 16% had purchased six or more types of content.

Men and women pay for online content in similar numbers, with the exception of software.

Pew says those in the $75K+ household-income bracket are more likely to be purchasers of newspaper, magazine, journal articles or reports – and it’s the same sort of deal in relation to members-only content.

Around 43% of those who purchase content online spend up to $10 a month, 25% spent $11 – $30 and a not insignificant 7% spend over $100 a month.

The 65% of Internet users who said they had paid for at least one of 15 kinds of content covered in the survey is roughly the same as the percentage of internet users who have said in other Pew Internet surveys that they had purchased tangible goods online.

You can download the full survey results here (PDF).


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