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Road to an online career

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday February 23, 2007 )

I was reflecting on my life to date and thinking about the various jobs I’ve had before my career became 100% online in 2001. It’s quite a list :). I was also wondering about the paths of other readers before they dived into online business.

Here’s my list in chronological order, starting at age 11 (16 years ago). I was a keen young tacker; although I did hit a rather long bumpy patch of about a decade due to poor life choices. There’s some rather blurry areas of my life prior to 1994 so I’ve probably missed listing a few jobs :).

– Humane society (volunteer)
– Baker’s assistant/cashier
– Oyster farming
– Odd jobs
– Floorwork at a supermarket
– Retail sales in the fishing industry
– Engineering equipment storeperson
– Sheet metal worker
– Baker/Bakery manager
– Tarpaulin repairs
– Fisherman (various boats and ports over a few years)
– Fruit picking
– Fisherman again
– Odd jobs

… then there was a major life change in 1994 after an illness, basic study, then:

– Ward clerk in a hospital
– Self employed contract cleaner
– Self employed mobile computer repairs
– Recruitment agency manager/trainer
– Business development manager
– IT project supervisor/trainer
– Self employed Web developer/marketer

… which brings me to today; Manager of a web hosting company that I’ve been with for 4 and a half years; marketing consultancy on the side and of course, Taming the, which has been in operation for 6 years. The web, while an insane place to work at times, definitely settled me right down.

That major illness was the thing that changed my life around totally. I led a very self-destructive lifestyle to that point and while I was in recovery I thought I should learn how to use one of those darned computer thingies so I could land a semi-decent job. Watching Windows 3.1 fire up for the first changed my life totally. I became driven, obsessed about computers, working a few of the above roles simultaneously in order to chase my dreams of working exclusively in IT initially, then to purely online. I do owe Bill Gates a lot I guess :).

My other reason for posting this is to show others who may dream of being an online entrepreneur or business owner that regardless of your background, if the passion is there, you *can* make it.

How about you? What was your path to an online business or career? I’d love to hear stories from other readers of this blog!


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