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North Korea’s .kp TLD coming soon

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday August 17, 2007 )

North Korea has no active Internet top-level domain country code currently, but that might be about to change.

The ccTLD “.kp” has been reserved for the country’s use for some time; but North Korea is well known for shunning the outside world and filtering “spiritual pollution”. The web is perceived as a threat by their government and issues such as a lack of diplomatic representation of North Korea in the USA along with very poor technology infrastucture have seen the country severely lagging far behind the rest of the world in online activity.

In North Korea, TV and radio is run by the government and print media is merely a propaganda tool for the same. Check out their main news agency site and you’ll see what I mean. It can be quite amusing at times.

North Korean citizens don’t have private phone lines and the web consists of filtered intranet available to only a privileged few. I believe there’s only a couple of Internet cafes in the entire country, mainly used by foreigners.

It looks as though North Korea may be set to open the door to the world just a little more by having the .kp TLD activated soon. According to this report on Australia’s ABC, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) will probably approve approve North Korea’s ‘.kp’ at a meeting in Los Angeles starting in October.

I if North Korea will use this opportunity to rake in some cash from domain speculators for the country’s severely depleted coffers?

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