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Welcome to the new blog

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday December 19, 2005 )

I’ve been tussling with the issue of a blog for ages.. up until now, I’ve just been posting news and research via FrontPage and using FeedEdit for RSS syndication, but there was just no escaping the inevitability of having to switch to a fully-fledged blogging software solution.

And oh!, the indecision.. to set up a blog on a new domain, subdomain, subfolder ; navigation changes, having to move away from my beloved FrontPage, etc. etc. What software to use? Would Google, Yahoo and MSN forsake me? Would anybody find it of any value or would it just be another “blog”? If I switched comments on would I just be bogged down in spam?

Finding the time to sit down and get this done hasn’t been the easiest challenge either.

Anyway, after some new medication, I’ve finally been able to make a decision. Welcome to the new Taming the marketing/ecommerce blog …. powered by WordPress.

My old research archives are still available and the new RSS web feed is up and running. Aside from that, nothing much has changed, I’ll still endeavor to bring you ecommerce and web marketing news on a regular basis – and I’ll continue on with the newsletter as well.

I’ve left it until just before Xmas to launch it, to give me some breathing space to clean up any remaining bugs. If you find any or have some further suggestions, please let me know.


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