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MySpace gone Google

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday December 3, 2006 )

In the last 24 hours or so, the search box on MySpace has begun displaying the Google logo and searches are returning Google results.

Previously, the world’s largest social networking service was displaying results powered by Overture (Yahoo). The changeover to Google and integration looks good and loads quickly. There’s a couple of extra sponsored links at the top of the page compared to searches carried out through the Google toolbar or directly from the Google site.

Just to give you some sort of idea how big a deal this is; when I signed up with MySpace around April 2006, there were already 66 million registered MySpace users. When the deal between Google and MySpace was announced in August, there were 99.6 million users. As of 2 minutes ago, MySpace reports 135.5 million users. So they’ve doubled their membership in 8 months.

That’s a lot of reach and potentially millions of new Google users; so again, your rankings on Google become even more important.

According to Alexa, and associated subdomains are currently ranked the 5th most popular destination in the world; up 1 place in the last 3 months.

By the way, if you’re still considering whether or not to set up a MySpace profile for your business; I’d recommend going out and registering a profile with your company name right now and contemplate how you’ll use it later :). MySpace is just too big to be ignored and it doesn’t just attract the young ‘uns any more. Last I checked, over 50% of MySpace users were 35+.

A word of warning – there’s quite a few individuals registering profiles using other company and business names; I believe to try and sell back to the companies. Don’t ever pay for a profile name – if you believe your business name has been “hijacked”; contact MySpace about it – be very polite and you may find that profile will be deleted so you’ll then be able to register the name. I tried lodging an “impostor” complain recently and MySpace were very accommodating.

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