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A closer look at MySpace

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday August 26, 2006 )

There’s a lengthy but very interesting article about MySpace that’s just been published on CNN Money.

The article examines MySpace’s beginnings, delves more into the people behind the mega-site (Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe), the reasons for its stellar growth, revenue and investment data, plus an insight into where MySpace is heading over the next year or so.

The article is also peppered with a stack of interesting statistics, including:

– 2.2 million bands currently have MySpace profiles. I didn’t think there were that many globally!

– 8,000 comedians have a page

– Average of 230,000 member signups a day

– MySpace ccounts for 82% of social network traffic

– 20 new products under development, including VoIP, MySpace Sports and Fashion.

– MySpace is also upgrading video storage features to compete with YouTube

– Aside from their recently announced partnership with Google, partnerships with heavyweights such as eBay and Amazon are also on the cards

– Tom, one of MySpace’s founders gets between 2,000 and 3,000 emails a day

– MySpace has over 140 developers on staff – and they are looking for more if you’re interested :)

And here’s a very interesting little tidbit, us “oldies” are really starting to make our presence known amongst the membership. 87% of current users are 18 or older and *52%* are 35 or older.

The article is really a fascinating read – well worth the time to take a look.

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