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MSN search revamped and “Live”

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday March 9, 2006 )

Microsoft has released the beta version of a retooled MSN Search, under the Microsoft Live banner. In a word, or several words – it’s very different.

You can take a look at it here:

Microsoft live allows you to create a customized home page, much like Google Ig, but there’s no need for signing up for an account to use this feature. By mousing over the title bar of each section on the home page, you can close a section window, or by clicking you can move the sections around.

Some of the new features on the search page include a scroll bar which replaces needing to click on a link to go to the next page of results and a slider bar for controlling how much information appears on a listing. By moving the slider to the far right, a “search this site” link appears which when clicked on, reveals a search box.

A “+” button allows for that particular set of results to be displayed on your custom Live home page. If you are using the feed search feature, a small arrow appears next to the titles which when clicked will add the feed to your customized home page.

There’s also a Macro feature that I haven’t investigated in depth yet which is tied in with Microsoft Gadgets:

The Macro feature allows you to save search queries that can be run at a later date. The Microsoft Gadgets site appears to permit users to share the search macros they’ve developed with other users; which is a very nice touch.

I run 800×600 resolution so I found the default results window on the search page a little cramped, the scroll bar cumbersome and the right hand contextual ads take up too much space. I personally prefer the interface at, but it’s early days and it will be interesting to watch develop.


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