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Users consuming more content

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday August 15, 2007 )

According to the Online Publisher’s Association Internet Activity Index (whew), Internet users are spending far more time online engaged in content based activities than in previous years.

In 2003 communications made up around 46% of people’s time online, but consumers now spend 47% of their time interacting with content – well up on the 34% figure of four years ago.

The number of pages of content people are viewing per month has skyrocketed even in the past year – 273 pages in June 2006 up to a whopping 724 pages in 2007.

According to the associated Marketing Charts report, the reason in the increased interest in content boils down to:

– Improved accessibility and broadband access
– The increased popularity of video
– Improved search
– The higher level of content available
– IM being used as a more efficient means of communication than email

You can check out the IAI charts here.


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