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Microsoft’s machine that goes “bing”!

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday May 29, 2009 )

Apologies to Monty Python fans. Microsoft is revving up the spin machine for it’s new search engine, called Bing.

Silly name for a search engine, but I said that about Google back in 2000.

Actually, I also got the search engine bit wrong, Microsoft says Bing a decision engine.

If you take a trip out to you likely won’t see much yet except for a video telling you how good it is and some flashes of screenshots. Launch date is expected to be around June 3.

According to the Microsoft team:

“We took a new approach to go beyond search to build what we call a decision engine. With a powerful set of intuitive tools on top of a world class search service, Bing will help you make smarter, faster decisions. We included features that deliver the best results, presented in a more organized way to simplify key tasks and help you make important decisions faster.

And features like cashback, where we actually give you money back on great products, and Price Predictor, which actually tells you when to buy an airline ticket in order to help get you the best price — help you make smarter decisions, and put money back in your pocket.”

From the screenshots I saw, this is certainly not another Google or even an attempt to emulate it.. seems to be more like a comparison shopping engine on crack. I’m not saying that to be critical; but as with all new search engines boasting to be the Next Big Thing; MS has to get it right from rollout date or be forever damned; so it will be very interesting to see it in action come June 3.

As for the Monty Python reference, I present for your viewing pleasure the original machine that goes “bing” from the Monty Python movie, “The Meaning of Life”


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