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Want media with that?

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday December 16, 2006 )

Adults and teens in the USA will spend over 3,000 hours in 2007 consuming media. That’s the equivalent of 5 months. Is it just me, or is this a rather scary comment on modern society?

Sure, it’s great having more people online more of the time, especially if you run an online business, but even though I’m heavily involved with online marketing and ecommerce; I am starting to become very concerned by the influence of all forms of media on the majority of the western world. The “real” world seems to be fading into obscurity. By “real” world, I don’t mean bricks and mortar business; I’m talking more about connecting with the planet itself.

Anyhoo, yet I digress – another topic for another time to be discussed on another site :).

This media consumption prediction doesn’t come from a marketing research company, but from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2007, released on Friday.

What this increase of consumption certainly does mean, and relating directly to online business, is that grabbing the attention of potential customers will become even more challenging as even though people will be online more, they’ll also be increasingly bombarded with marketing messages; both subtle and bold.

The Census Bureau’s estimates for media consumption include television, Internet, newspapers and portable music players. In relation to the Internet, it’s estimated that on average just over one week of people’s lives will be consumed by online activities during 2007.

The total amount of media consumption represents an approximate increase of 10% over 2000.

Another interesting point I came across in the abstract is that towards the end of 2005, 22% of all adults in the USA were still accessing the Internet from home via dialup connections. That works out to around 60 million people at the time.

While I’m sure that percentage decreased during 2006, it still indicates that dialup isn’t quite dead yet. Dialup users are a segment that should still be taken into consideration when developing your site.

Read more of the Census Bureau’s Information and Communications abstract (PDF)

Learn more about optimizing page load timesfor dialup users.


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