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May 2008 search ranking report

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday June 25, 2008 )

I guess you don’t need to be a cutting edge analyst to guess which search engine came top in May :)

Google now has a whopping 61.8% market share and May grew by a further .2% over April. Yahoo Search came 2nd with 20.6% share; also experiencing growth over April.

For there to be gains in one area, there needs to be losses else and Microsoft is continuing its streak of losses, with a .6% drop to 9.1% share of the big 5.

Ask continues to be the dark horse, climbing to 4.5%; also experiencing growth of .2%.

The statistics were taken from ComScore’s latest search ranking report.

While on the topic of Google, according to Adage, a Harris Poll found the most reputable company in America to be the mighty G, which knocked Microsoft from the top spot; who incidentally tumbled all the way down to number 10. Google wasn’t even on the list just a few years ago.

As the Adage article points out, it’s an amazing result for a company that spends next to nothing on external advertising and a Harris analyst said it just goes to show what you can achieve by having a good product, treating your employees right, and being a socially responsible corporate citizen. It’s a model to aspire to in my opinion and the way of the future; people are just about done with spin.


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  1. I think the last paragraph sums it all up. But the question I think we should all start asking is what happens if the Big G goes bad, with its level of control, what choice will that eventually leave the online world ?

    Comment by Online Businesses Blog — June 25, 2008 @ 8:13 am

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