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Lycos who?

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday December 2, 2008 )

Lycos Europe appears to be on the chopping block. I always get a twinge of nostalgia when these old online names crop up and it also gets me thinking on the definition of success in the online world.

If you haven’t heard of Lycos, you wouldn’t be the only one – but back in the day (late 90’s) it was one of the most popular portals on the web. Then the bubble burst and it along with many other high flyers started to fade, or disappear altogether.

The Europe arm of Lycos has battled on, but has been up for grabs for a while now. There’s been no takers, so they will be shutting down their web hosting and portal operations.

I’ve been involved with online business for quite some years now (nearly 8 years under this domain name) and have seen many shooting stars sputter and die. There’s thousands of other individuals like me who have been making a living from the web year after year in their own one-person shows; perhaps you’re one of them.

This is the other side of the Lycos type situations – where they have failed, we have succeeded. We might not have the recognizable names or the lavish lifestyles of some of the suits behind these big brands, but to me; we’re more successful in many ways.

It’s something to bear in mind if you ever find that online business is getting you down or you’re feeling a bit stale; look to some of the spectular dot-bombs and give yourself a pat on the back :).


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