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Kudos Team Kerio!

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday August 11, 2008 )

Unashamed plug here for the good folks who produce Kerio auto/air notebook adapters who have provided me with an outstanding level of customer service over the years.

Back in 2002/03, I started my forays into off-grid living; i.e. being away from a mains electricity supply. Since the days of a noisy, smokey generator to recharge my bank of car batteries, my off grid power station has evolved into a solar power rig.

One of the challenges of off grid living when it comes to computing is getting a reliable, smooth source of power. If you run a notebook straight off a cheap generator, you’re likely to fry it.

You can spend a ton of cash on getting a good quality inverter to smooth out the juice, or spend under a couple of hundred bucks and get a good quality auto/air adapter such as the models Kerio offer. These plug into a cigarette lighter female socket and provide an uninterrupted flow with plenty of safety features such as low battery shutdown, spike and overload protection.

When I bought the adapter, I had a Toshiba laptop, but then switched to a Dell. I wrote to Kerio in Taiwan asking about compatibility, fully expecting to have to shell out some cash. They said that the Dell required a special adapter tip and fuse and to send me my shipping address and they’d send one out. I asked about cost. No charge they said, not even for freight. I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

Fast forward a few years to a couple of weeks back when I purchased a new Dell. I wasn’t sure if the same tip and fuse could be used so I wrote to Kerio again. Again, they offered to send out compatible bits free of charge (but it turned out the previous one was compatible).

Kerio’s service has nothing to do with me being an A list online celebrity (Michael who? Taming the what?) – it’s just their way it seems :).

I was absolutely astounded that a piece of relatively low priced equipment I bought years ago still attracted this level of support from the manufacturer… so this post is my my way of saying thanks to the company.

Seriously, if you need an adapter, check the Kerio out – I’ve had mine operating in sub zero temperatures to over 40 degrees celcius (104F +) in some really harsh country with plenty of dust around and it has never failed me.

In Australia, you can pick one up via Dick Smith Electronics for under $100 for the 72 watt model and there’s also a 90 watt model available.


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