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iPhone users – your opinion

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday June 26, 2008 )

As useful as they are, I hate cell phones for a number of reasons. The iPhone might just change my opinion.

My days of having gadgets for the sake of being “cool” or trendy are long past and my experiences in the computer hardware industry taught me never to buy the latest or greatest of anything as it’s usually bug ridden and overpriced.

The iPhone has me intrigued though; particularly now it’s about to hit our shores in Australia (July 11), will be 3G and has come down a great deal in price in the USA.

So, any iPhone users out there? What’s your experience been like from a productivity point of view? Are the units robust and what is reception like? I don’t care much for machines that go “bing” with bells and buzzers I’ll never use, but gadgets that can help with “ka-ching”, real business tools, certainly grab my interest – and anything that doesn’t have me looking seriously SMS challenged is a bonus; I just can’t get the hang of texting – far too slow :).


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