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Guys, laptops and laps

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday November 6, 2010 )

Many of us working in the online world take our laptops everywhere – you never know when you may need it, right? However, if you’re a male and using a laptop while out and about, somewhere you probably shouldn’t place it is on your lap.

I never use my laptop on my lap, mainly because I’m concerned of it overheating, but it seems the notebook isn’t the only thing that gets pretty warm when used in such a manner.

It appears that using a notebook on the lap near the groin area exposes the human testes to radio frequency electromagnetic waves from the laptop’s wifi as well as to high temperatures, effectively nuking sperm.

A recent study by researchers from Nascentis Reproductive Medicine, Córdoba, Argentina has found exposure to laptops decrease sperm’s progressive motility (forward movement) and induce DNA fragmentation by a non-thermal effect – basically, keeping laptops in WiFi mode close to your nads may result in decreased male fertility.

OK, so flick off WiFi and you’re safe right? Perhaps not, another report on the issue (I think it’s from the same researchers) says that even boosting sperm temperature by 1 degree Celsius can really knock the little guys around – temperatures that are easily exceeded when using a laptop so close to that region.

In my ten years of running this site, this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned laptops, sperm and testes in the same sentence.. and will probably be the only time too :).

I wonder if this means notebook manufacturers are going to need to add “do not use on lap” warnings to notebooks to protect themselves from suits.


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