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Grey matters

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday May 18, 2007 )

The mature age market (55+) are about to bypass the 35-44 year old demographic in the UK as the age group most prevalent online.

Dubbed “silver surfers” (cute) in the Hitwise report; UK people aged 55 and over made up 22% of visits to all categories of websites vs. 23.5% in the 35-44 age bracket. This is an increase of 40% over 2006.

The favorite destinations for this group were stated as being Search Engines, Adult and Shopping & Classifieds. Adult? That’s.. interesting; probably some very good opportunities there for adult site developers, but I’ll not delve into that any further as I try to keep TTB a family-friendly blog :).

The silver surfers were found to make up 27% of visits to travel sites and 24% of visits to News and Media sites. Wealthier mature age people were more active online than those surviving on incomes of around $15000 or less; but substantial increases were found in both groups over the last year.

One of the most challenging groups I ever worked with while training people in Internet usage in the late 90’s were mature age people – they tended to have a genuine fear of the web, or were totally uninterested; thinking it didn’t apply to them. I’ll never forget the look in their eyes when they “got it” – it usually was as simple as finding out their hobbies and then *showing* them relevant online resources. They were soon pushing me out of the way and some of those people were difficult to pry away from the computer by the end of their training :)

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