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New “green” social network

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday October 4, 2006 )

Ever been labeled a tree hugging hippie? Into political activism, social justice or green business? If you’re a lefty, a tad left of the middle, or just have a genuine concern about our society and the state of Planet Earth, this new social network may be for you.

I’m making mention of this particular social networking service as ummm.. I’m involved with its development :). is live, and while not officially launched as yet, we’ve started welcoming new members. It would be great to see some of Taming the’s visitors out there!

In a nutshell, it’s a place for progressive type folk to get together, share their views, learn from each other, co-ordinate action – or just have some fun with other people who share similar values.

Membership is free as is access to all features. Everyone is welcome to join, just bear in mind the common motivation we all share is positive social change, tolerance and respect – whether it’s applied to business, politics or day to day living – and that’s the focus of this network :).

Aside from the standard features of most social networks, the very interesting aspect of is how we’re letting it evolve – for the most part, the membership will drive its development. This applies not just to new feature requests but also to policies and processes within the community; something that some of the popular social networks have somewhat ignored.

We’re very excited about it all and its potential to further the cause of positive social change!

As mentioned it hasn’t “officially” been launched as yet and we certainly aren’t going to stick up one of those Web 2.0ish “beta” stamps on it :). This post is one of of a couple of quiet announcements of its existence; but we expect to officially launch in the next week or so with some extensive promotion in green/progressive circles.

By the way, is a project of ThinkHost, Inc. – the earth friendly web hosting company I’m proud to work for as their Business Operations Manager. It’s just another way we try to give back to the community. The ThinkHost brand will have very low profile on the site as it’s not about ThinkHost, but CommonCircle members and the positive schtuff we can all do to make this a greener, friendlier and more just planet., like ThinkHost, is also powered by 100% renewable energy – I believe that’s a first in the social networking scene.

I hope to see some of you out on very soon – sign up today and get in on the ground level of what we hope will become a thriving, bustling community brimming with great ideas and amazing people! If you do sign up; be sure to drop by my CommonCircle profile and say hello!


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