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Google Trends for Websites

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday June 21, 2008 )

Launched yesterday, Google Trends for Web Sites is an interesting tool well worthwhile checking out.

Trends for Websites builds on the original Google Trends tool that reports the number of searches performed on a particular relative to all the searches performed on Google over the last couple of years

Using Google Trends for Websites, you can get a bit of a peek at the traffic and geographic patterns of a web site, comparing up to 5 sites at a time.

Not every site is included I’m guessing the threshold to be shown with a full report is somewhere around the 3-4k unique visitors a day mark judging by a few tests and comparisons I ran. So if you check out a few of your competitors and they appear with a traffic graph, you can assume they are getting 3-4k a day+.

Another use for Trends for Websites is to spot other potential link partners, competitors or resources that you may not have considered before; using the “also visited” feature.

The traffic graph that appears won’t have numbers, but if you sign in with your Google account details, you’ll get estimated numbers – and you can also take a peek at previous months. Their traffic reports seem to underestimate a bit in my opinion. Google Analytics data is used for some of the compilation, but I don’t run Google Analytics on TTB; so they are probably guesstimating on search volume and toolbar queries for sites like TTB.

A very groovy tool – I look forward to seeing it develop; it would be great if they included lower volume sites as well.


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