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Google publishes user data request stats

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday April 27, 2010 )

Tinfoil hats firmly on – Google has published some statistics on government requests for user information and also content removal requests from various government agencies.

The following are the “Top 10” countries for each category covering the period July 1, 2009 – December 31, 200

Data requests

Brazil 3663
United States 3580
United Kingdom 1166
India 1061
France 846
Italy 550
Germany 458
Spain 324
Australia 155
Argentina 98

Removal requests:

Brazil 291
Germany 188
India 142
United States 123
South Korea 64
United Kingdom 59
Italy 57
Argentina 42
Spain 32
Australia 17

According to Google, the data request numbers are the number of instances where the company received requests for information about the users of its services and products from government agencies such as local and federal police. They don’t indicate if the company provided that information. Google says such requests are reviewed carefully and they only provide information within the scope and authority of the request. Google refuses to produce information in some instances or attempts to narrow the request.

The statistics for content removals doesn’t include those the company regularly processes in-house in response to violation of its content policies and in response to user complaints.

Google’s data/content removal request map can be viewed here – and before you start formatting your hard drive with a hammer and applying aluminum foil to your walls and ceiling; check out Google’s FAQ on the statistics.

The truth is out there.. deny everything.. trust no-one.

“We give them happiness, and they give us authority.”

Damn I miss the X-Files.


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