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The Rise Of The Glass-Hole – Google Glass

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday April 2, 2013 )

I originally really hated the Google Glass concept. That means it’s going to be a sure fire winner – and glass-holes will proliferate.

I had been trying to ignore Google Glass for a while. It was just one of those gadgets I thought wouldn’t hold all that much interest for me (I’m not a gadget sort of guy); plus I see it being a potential safety nightmare.

In case you haven’t heard of Google Glass yet, it’s a lightweight wearable computer with a head-mounted display (HMD). Here’s a look at what it’s supposedly like to use the system.

After seeing that (overly optimistic ‘yay’ type people and music aside), I thought “ugh, I like this”.

Also putting aside my concerns about “glass-holes” using these in while driving and other risky usage behaviour; I could see this being useful to me.

More importantly, I can see it being very useful to others; not just for filming roller coaster rides and other frivolous stuff. If this becomes The Next Big Thing, it will also offer further opportunities for business to reach consumers – even though it’s not like we don’t have enough already.

I’m not alone in thinking that way. Science Inc. partner Peter Pham likens the device to having an “iPhone attached to your face” (without the level of obstruction of course).

It’s a little frightening how technology is evolving so fast, but I guess it’s a case of “resistance is futile, all will be assimilated”.

I’ll be paying a lot more attention to Google Glass going forward. I think everyone in online (and offline) business should do too.

While I’m not ready for fork out $1,500 for the system; like most other gadgets, I assume Google Glass will become quite cheap over time.

Ignore Google Glass at your peril.

“Google? What a dumb name for a search engine” – me, circa 2000, just prior to my first search – after which, I was hooked.


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