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Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday September 15, 2007 )

It was ten years ago today that the domain name, was registered. When the Stanford students behind Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, registered the name I wonder if they had any idea of the impact their search engine would have?

It was actually in 1995/96 that Larry and Sergey began work on BackRub, the precursor to Google. The evolution of Google is one of the original “garage to mega-corp” stories of the online world. The company was incorporated on September 7th, 1998, and that date is considered the official anniversary of Google. You can read more about the history of Google here.

Thinking back ten years ago; finding stuff on the World Wide Web was a real skill and Alta Vista was the search engine darling of the day. It was in 1997 that AltaVista provided first multilingual search capabilities on the Internet. The engine is now a shadow of its former self due to an event called Black Monday on October 25, 1999 that saw the quality of search results plummet and allowed Google to really take the lead.

Prior to Google, I used to get paid to find content for folks using my trusty 28.8k modem as Internet connections in my town were still somewhat of a rarity and navigating the web was quite confusion.

I had my own web page, using the free space provided by my ISP. If I remember correctly, I was allowed 1 megabyte of space. Hosting and domain registration were still quite expensive at that time. My page was resplendent with animated characters and backround music (brrr). Back then, the email address on my resume was a real talking point. I was officially a “geek” in my home town; which permitted me a degree of eccentricity :). People where I lived were amazed and still very wary of this Internet thing.

How things have changed in just 10 short years – I think the word revolution is somewhat of an understatement and Google has certainly been a key part in making the online world a more user friendly place.


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