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Google Chrome browser usage statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday June 17, 2010 )

Google Chrome is really becoming a browser to watch. I was looking at the browser statistics of a few sites I monitor and was surprised to discover how much market share Chrome is starting to grab.

Between 5 sites, some tech-related (which would probably attract a larger Chrome fan base) and some not, the average was about 5%. On visiting MarketShare, I discovered usage was even higher – around 7% in May.

While 7% may not sound like much, just a year ago, Chrome had only captured about 2.18% and was behind Safari. The position has now reversed and the 4.5% jump is a huge increase in such a short time. Given Google’s clout, the 10% mark shouldn’t be far off.

I consider the 10% mark the tipping point when web site owners really need to start taking notice of how their sites look in a particular browser.

Generally speaking, if your site looks okay in Firefox, it should be fine in Google Chrome – but it’s worth taking a peek just to make sure.

I pretty much ignored using Chrome until recently. It takes a little getting used to, but I’ve grown rather fond of it due to it’s simplicity and blistering speed.

Just in terms of other browsers, MarketShare showed Internet Explorer at 59% and Firefox at 24% market share. Internet Explorer gained over three-quarters of a percent in share in the United States for the month of May, thanks to the relatively recent general release of Internet Explorer 8. IE8 is certainly far better than IE7 in my opinion – I had all but given up using IE7 due to it’s bugginess that seemed to get worse after each update patch was applied.


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