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Now, where did I put that blog?

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday March 29, 2006 )

Ever had one of those days? I suspect the team at Google did recently when their blog was, what seemed at first, taken over by somebody else. This of course fueled rumors that Blogger had a vulnerability.

The real story is that they deleted it by mistake and then some quick thinking blogger, or more likely, splogger (spam blogger) jumped on the then available blogspot subdomain name. I wonder if the enterprising soul made any AdSense cash from their hour or so of infamy :).

Google of course wasted no time in setting things right and it was nice to see their humility in accepting reponsibility for the snafu. Even so, I’m sure there’s many thousands of Blogger members out there now very nervous of any Google staffer keyboard that has a functioning delete button :).


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