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Google Bing-ified as Chrome OS nears

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday June 4, 2010 )

The changes at Google are again flowing thick and fast, with the latest having more to do with personalization – and some directly challenging Microsoft in more than one way.

The non-Microsoft related ones – a couple of days ago I noticed under SERP listings an added link, next to “cached” and “similar” called “add to iGoogle”, which does as it says; quickly adds the item to your iGoogle home page. This has since disappeared.

On trying to go to this evening, it instead immediately directed me to iGoogle – another new (and rather annoying) feature as far as I know; but easily fixed by clicking the “Classic Home” link at the top of the page. From that point on I’ve been able to go to the home page.

The real Google home page is showing yet another feature, this more related to Microsoft. At the bottom left of the screen is the option to spice up the famous minimalist Google home page by adding a background image of your choosing – giving it a Bing look.

I guess the next step will be the ability to add icon shortcuts to applications on the Google home page as part of Google slowly advancing towards operating system domination too. It’s quietly training us to welcome that with open arms :).

Be afraid Microsoft, be very afraid.

Who knows, the next notebook I buy may not come with Windows, but with Google Chrome OS.

Reuters reports that Google expects to release its Chrome computer operating system in late fall – and it will be designed initially to work on laptop PCs.


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