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Firefox – not so secure

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday March 27, 2009 )

Back in my Moz/Firefox hating days, one of the points I used to argue the most was the “it’s more secure” fanboy cry.

Back then, I pointed out that the “secure” aspect was only going to be relevant while the “cool kids” used it; that is, the geek minority that were revelling in anything with a hint of potential that wasn’t Microsoft. While it was being used by a minority, the attraction for hackers just wasn’t there, but that doesn’t mean to say there weren’t major security issues with the application.

How times have changed. For one, I now use Firefox; not because it’s not Microsoft or a sudden need to be part of a clique, but because it’s finally come of age. It’s a darned good browser and in my opinion has now bypassed Internet Explorer. Microsoft need to be shaking in their booties. Something else that’s changing is the number of security related issues that are being discovered, some of them quite serious.

According to PC World, code has been released targeting a critical, unpatched flaw in the Firefox browser. Until the flaw is patched, which is expected to be by early next week, this code could be modified by attackers and used to dump spyware/malware onto a Firefox user’s machine.

Don’t believe the hype about Firefox and security – its increasing popularity will mean we’ll see this sort of thing more regularly so make sure you either have automatic checks for updates switched on or you’re checking the Firefox site regularly for patches.


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