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Firefox dethrones IE in Europe

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday January 5, 2011 )

Firefox reportedly became the browser of choice in Europe in December last year; unseating Internet Explorer from its long held number 1 position.

Statcounter Global Stats reports that in December, Firefox accounted for 38.11% of European market share, compared to Internet Explorer’s 37.52%.

According to StatCounter’s CEO, this hasn’t occurred so much through Firefox grabbing extra market share, but Google’s Chrome browser stealing it from Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome now has 14.58% share in Europe – so it’s certainly a browser not to be ignored.

In North America, Internet Explorer still rules with roost with 48.92% compared to Firefox’s 26.7% and Chrome’s 12.82% – so any rumors of IE’s death based on Europe’s results have likely been exaggerated :). Even Safari has a healthy chunk now (iPhone?) at over 10%.

The Microsoft team are really going to have to start watching their back – Chrome’s North American share nearly tripled in Europe over just a year; so FireFox is definitely not the only contender. Chrome’s success is well deserved; I think it’s a really nice browser.

According to an October report from Statcounter Global Stats, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser fell below 50% of the worldwide market for the first time. Two years prior IE dominated globally with 67% market share. Statcounter’s CEO mentioned at the time that Microsoft’s agreement with European Commission competition authorities to offer EU users a choice of browsers may have played a role.

StatCounter Global Stats says their data is based on a sample of over 15 billion page views per month (4.9 billion from North America) collected from across more than 3 million websites.


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