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Feed reader statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday October 23, 2007 )

Following on from my recent post on social bookmarking statistics, here’s some figures outlining the RSS feed readers most actively used to subscribe to feeds last month

As with the social bookmarking statistics, these figures are provided by AddThis is a great free application that make it easier for your readers to add your site to social bookmarking services and also your RSS web feed to their favorite reader application.

The following figures show how often a feed was added to a particular reader application during September, rather than a comparison of current user base totals:

Google: 37.7%
My Yahoo: 20.7%
Bloglines: 9.7%
Windows Live: 8.2%
My MSN: 4.8%
FeedReader: 3.9%
Technorati: 3.1%
NetVibes: 3.0%
Newsgator: 2.2%
AOL: 1.6%
Newsburst: 1.2%
NewsIsFree: 1.1%
Other: 2.8%

The interesting thing in the above I found was the low “other” figures; i.e. that 11 applications have 97.2% of the market share. It’s still very much a maturing market – many people still don’t know what an RSS feed is, or use one and have no idea that’s what it is :). If you haven’t delved into the world of feeds yet, learn more in my article on RSS web feeds.


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