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Facebook’s ‘Hide As Spam’ Feature

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday August 23, 2012 )

This appears to be a reasonably new (it is on my pages anyway) and very handy feature for Facebook page admins.

One of the bugbears for me in managing a Facebook page is occasionally well-meaning but ignorant folk will drop a comment on a post about whatever cause they are supporting. The cause can be totally irrelevant and doing this (relevant or not) is always rude in my opinion – if folks want to do that sort of thing, they should contact the page admin first.

Anyhow, it’s always a bit of a challenge for me – do you delete the comment at the risk of the person noticing and then accusing you of being a heartless, kitten kicking baby-eater and starting one of those Perpetually Outraged Consumer type stoushes – or do you just let it go?

The problem with the latter is it can then become a signal for everyone with a cause to start dropping “sign this petition”, “donate” type comments.

Facebook’s “hide as spam” feature addresses this issue very nicely. It appears to be the default setting now; at least on all the pages I manage it is.

When you delete a comment as you usually would, you’ll see this message:

“You’ve hidden this comment so only the person who wrote it and their friends can see it. Undo this or delete this comment. You can also Report it as abusive, or Ban .”

This is really clever thinking from Facebook – one of the best new admin features they’ve rolled out for some time. It could save a lot of potential nastiness and bad feeling from occurring.

It’s just a shame that that such a feature is needed – but it won’t be news to anyone involved with ecommerce that online etiquette is laying bleeding in the gutter.


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