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Facebook eclipses Yahoo traffic

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday February 20, 2010 )

Facebook has blasted past Yahoo as the number two most popular site in the USA.

The news comes from’s January data that shows Facebook attracted nearly 134 million unique visitors during last month. The unique visitors metric only counts a person once no matter how many times they visit a site in a given month.

Compete says this is one of the biggest shakeups in a couple of years, with the previous being Google overtaking Yahoo as number one in 2008.

Facebook’s engagement statistics are also quite awesome, with 11.6% of all time spent online last month spent on Facebook. Yahoo scored 4.25% and Google, 4.1%; however I think people need to keep in mind Google and Facebook core focuses are completely different beasties performing completely different functions.

For example, Google’s core business is search – and it doesn’t want people hanging around for too long in any particular session because it means people aren’t finding what they are looking for. Facebook is all about people hanging out on the service. Google is about finding resources/businesses/services quickly, Facebook is about more lengthy interactions and building relationship.

Having said that, Google is doing a lot more with social networking type applications and projects, so it’s definitely not ignoring that scene.

I guess the big question is from this news – if you’re an online merchant who doesn’t have a Facebook fan page, is it worth getting one together now?

I think so – but as with using Twitter as a marketing tool, you don’t have to go overboard with it to make it useful to your customers and of benefit to your business.

I’ve been messing around with Facebook fan pages for a couple of sites for a little while now and I’ve found the minimal effort to be well worth it. Learn more about using Facebook fan pages as a marketing tool.


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