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Facebook send button feature

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Sunday May 8, 2011 )

Just over a week ago, Facebook launched a new feature site owners can integrate into their content – the send button; to complement (rather than replace) the “like” button.

The Send Button, as the name suggests, is used to send a page, article or whatever to a Facebook user’s friends, a group they are part of or even just to an email address.

The major difference between Send and the Like Button is that the Send feature is a little more targeted as sometimes users may want to send a page to just a few of their Facebook friends rather than everyone on their friends list.

The message generated by the feature includes a link to the content, along with a title, image, and short description of the link. The user can also add their own message.

If you already have the Like button installed on your pages, adding the Send feature is a snap – just add:


.. as an attribute to the Like button code, which will generate the Like button and Send button alongside each other.

For full documentation, implementation instructions and code generator, view the Facebook Developers Send Button page.

It’s an interesting idea – but I wonder if in some instances it might reduce the coverage some content gets, in that a Facebook user might use it where they would have still used the Like button, meaning more exposure for the content in question. Still, I’m sure there’s content they wouldn’t usually share with all and sundry and no doubt Facebook has had feedback to this effect, hence its development

Like vs. Recommend

Just on a side note, I’ve sometimes found the term “like” not really suitable for some content – for example a bad news story. Facebook does offer another option – the word “recommend”. Making the change from “like” to recommend is simple – just add:


.. to the attributes of the Like button code you already have in place.


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