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Extended Alexa features

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday October 11, 2010 )

Alexa used to be all the rage among web site owners and many spent a lot of time trying to increase their “TrafficRank”. It was also a tool used by many web site buyers to gauge the popularity of a site they were interested in.

Times have changed, mostly due to the Google toolbar taking a bunch of market share – as the Alexa toolbar was critical in helping the service gather data.

Still, there seems to be plenty of people using it and some features continue to be very useful.

It’s been a long time since I visited Alexa and I was pleasantly surprised by all the new goodies, but as it has been so long since I last looked at the service, the features I’m mentioning here may not be new.

Here’s an example report:

Aside from the usual Alexa information such as, Traffic Rank, Reach, Pageviews, Pageviews/User, Bounce %, Time on Site, Search %, there’s some really interesting new stats.

The tabs at the bottom of the screen offer information such as search analytics that show popular queries for a site and the approximate percentage of traffic the queries are responsible for.

The audience tab shows a breakdown by income, ethnicity, age, education, gender, children and browsing location.

The clickstream tab shows the users visited immediately preceding the target site and also afterwards.

If you register for an Alexa account, you can get even more data. Do bear in mind the figures are only an indicator, not necessarily totally accurate.

These are handy tools for spying on the competition, doing a bit of due diligence before buying a site or advertising on a specific site, or even just out of idle curiosity :).


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