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Quick email marketing tips

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday January 13, 2007 )

With 2007 comes some new challenges for email marketing. Here’s a couple of quick tips to help you combat some of the newer issues.

Get your message up higher

With most major free email providers now offering preview panes for users and improvements made in desktop email software security so people aren’t paranoid about using the preview pane any more, you need to ensure you make maximum impact towards the top of your email marketing blurb. Often people will base their decision whether to read further or delete your email in just those few inches that are displayed.

Outlook 2007 and HTML email

Uh oh.. seems that Outlook 2007’s new rendering engine isn’t based on Internet Explorer, but on Microsoft Word. That means no support for many whizz bang css effects, forms, background images and a truckload of other features.

In order to test your HTML email templates against Outlook 2007 if you don’t have it, try this:

Outlook 2007 Tool: HTML and CSS Validator.

Keep it simple

Email marketing isn’t getting any easier; particularly getting your blurbs into a subscribers’ inbox and ensuring that what they see is what you want them to see. Aside from the points above, there’s the usual spam filters to dodge, automated image blocking and code stripping. So the key for 2007 seems to be – keep your email marketing campaigns looking nice, but keep them simple.


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