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Yet another domain name scam

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday May 5, 2008 )

Like I always say, if only scammers would put all that effort into good.. here’s the latest scam to hit my inbox; domain name owners beware.

Some companies are so heavily into brand protection, they’ll register hundreds of variations of their brand name as domain names and cover all 255(?) extensions. It can get a little over the top.

For us little guys, we tend to register the .com, .net and perhaps .org versions and that’s about it. But what if you became aware that someone was about to register your business name under a slew of other extensions? You might panic and try and beat them to it, spending a fair wad of cash in the process.

And that’s what this scam is all about. Here’s what I received, with a few minor details changed as I don’t want to give these pond scum sucking bottom dwellers any sort of coverage.

Dear Manager,

(Scam registrar name here) is the company of internet services that the domain registration is one of the major online style of our service range. Now we have something need to confirm with you. We hope you to cooperate with us.

On May 5th 2008,we received an application from one person named XXXXXXX who wants to register some domains( and internet brand (example).

According to our investigation, we found that domain names have relevance to your company’s name and trademark, so we send this email for you to confirm it.

We are dealing with this affair in these days, so we wish to get the confirmation and the assent of your company. If Karl Fischer doesn’t belong to your company and you don’t authorize him to register these domains, Pls contact with me asap in order to prevent some guy from abusing your trademarks and the company names.

In addition, I must state that we have time limited for one person or one company’s registration. It is just 15 days. If your company files doesn’t resent within the time limited. We will unconditionally authorized the application of Karl Fischer. Thank you for your cooperate.

Best Regards,

Pond Scum Sucking Bottom Dweller

It’s probably just best to ignore these emails as it’s highly unlikely they’ll register the names themselves, and even if they do, do nothing with them; but if you do want to reply just for the hell of it, might I suggest something along these lines:

Hi Pond Scum Sucking Bottom Dweller,

Thanks for your note. No, I don’t know anyone by that name.

He can register them if he likes, but he might find our expensive attorney after him – and his fees he’ll wind up paying for. In short, we’ll take whatever extensive legal action we have at our disposal to protect our brand should that occur; if you get my drift.

Actually, the version I sent back was a little more colorful and not really suitable for family viewing :).

This scam doesn’t seem to be confined to one company, I see a few other registrars mentioned around the Internet running similar scams. As someone involved with marketing services related to online business, it really makes my stomach turn to have to compete with these sorts of idiots as no doubt they’ll scoop up quite a few unwary domain name owners.


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