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Working The Dark Side Of The Internet

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday August 22, 2012 )

When a report of objectionable content is submitted to a provider, usually someone has to look at it. That’s one job I never want to have.

When I was an IT trainer back in 2000; I used to mentor all sorts of folks. One job I had was working with unemployed adults in a community IT project that had a heavy web focus.

Some of these people were a little ..unbalanced. Giving them access to the web wasn’t such a good idea. Back in those days, we didn’t have a lot in the way of filtering. It wasn’t uncommon for me to look over the shoulder of one of these people and see content on their monitor that made my stomach churn. There are a couple of images I had the misfortune to see that were burned into my brain and I wish I could remove the memories.

That was just a couple of images. Imagine if you had to look at the worst of what humanity had to offer as a full time job? It would drive me out of my skull.

But people do have these jobs. When a content/service provider is notified of content that violates laws, someone within that organisation has to investigate.

BuzzFeed has published the story of one of these people – in his own words. It’s very sobering reading and you can’t help but notice the experience has left very deep scars.

These people are the unsung heroes of the Internet. They are fighting a battle t


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