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Browser market share statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday May 5, 2010 )

Internet Explorer is continuing to lose market share. How long before it will be lumped into the the “other browser” category? That probably won’t happen, but Microsoft has a lot of work to do in order to win back hearts and minds.

Back in 2002, Internet Explorer had over 90% market share. By May 2008, it had slipped to 75%. According to statistics from NetMarketShare, April has seen Internet Explorer’s share dip under 60%.

Firefox now commands 24.59% of the market (it had 18% in April 2008) and Chrome has made some decent headway since its launch last year at 6.73% market share. Safari isn’t too shabby either at 4.72% – all those iPhone users perhaps? Next in the browser stakes is Opera at 2.3% – and all the “others” have well under 1% of the market each.

NetMarketShare data is compiled from approximately 160 million visitors per month.

I was an IE holdout until Firefox’s capabilities actually lived up to the fanboy hype – and Google Chrome is no slouch of a browser either.

Now I shudder each time I fire up Internet Explorer and avoid using it wherever possible. It just seems so slow and really chews up my system resources. I have no idea what Microsoft can do to turn this around – they missed the boat on search years ago and now it seems their boat is sinking on browsers too. I often wonder how far and how fast it would dive nowadays if it wasn’t a part of Windows.

Sorry my love died Bill, it’s not you; it’s IE.


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