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Browser battles – statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday January 5, 2006 )

How did things shape up at the end of 2005 in relation to browser usage? My favorite resource for this, shows the following figures based on over 68 million visitors for the month of December:

1. Internet Explorer 6.x   (83%)
2. FireFox   (8%)
3. Internet Explorer 5.x   (3%)
4. Safari   (2%)
5. Unknown   (1%)
6. Opera x.x   (1%)
7. Netscape 7.x   (1%)

In relation to Firefox – here’s some figures for previous months in 2005:

October – 8%
August – 8%
July – 6%
June – 6%

So, a rather large jump from July to August and then not much to speak of since then according to TheCounter. Firefox has been copping a bit of flak lately and Internet Week recently ran an interesting article on Firefox 1.5 Stability Problems.

Let’s face it – browser bugs are here to stay, whomever develops the software; and the more people that use a particular flavor of browser, the bigger the push by users for bells and buzzers, the more problems that will be encountered. This especially applies to security related issues. If you were a hacker, would you spend your time on exploiting Opera? Where’s the value and the bragging kudos in that? Actually, I believe that Firefox will become an even bigger target of hackers now. A security bug in IE is just another exploit, ho-hum; whereas in Firefox, it’s a much bigger deal at present.

I’m still champing at the bit for the public release of IE7 – I do think that if Microsoft can release a good product, they may just grab back some of the market share from Firefox; although with Google throwing a fair bit of weight behind Firefox promotion, it’s going to be quite a battle. It’s definitely going to be an interesting year ahead in the world of browsers.

What are your thoughts? Will IE remain dominant for the forseeable future? Will the Firefox fanfare recede or only grow stronger?


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