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Blogging jobs

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday August 24, 2006 )

If you’re looking to make a few bucks from your blogging skills or need a blogger, you may be interested in a couple of new classifieds-type services recently launched focusing on blog related employment.

The two services are Performancing Exchange and

Although Performancing Exchange is only a couple of weeks old and was only launched yesterday, they’ve both attracted appreciable interest from would-be employers; with a few dozen jobs/joint venture offers already posted – and it’s not all uber-geek stuff by any means.

There’s an interesting range of blogger positions; everything from blogging about ladies handbags, to marketing, travel, finance and even soccer.

If you’re looking for a blogger, you can post an ad on Performancing Exchange for free and ProBlogger is currently charging $50 for 30 days. After September 5, a listing will cost $100.

Great to see these services launched for the blogging community and given the quality and traffic of each site powering them, I’m sure they’ll do very well!


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