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Join in on Blog Action Day

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Wednesday August 22, 2007 )

A little off topic, but certainly worth a mention. On October 15th, bloggers around the world will band together to further publicize a very important issue – the environment.

It’s all well and good for us to focus on business and making cash, but for business to survive, it needs a physical habitat to support it – even if is conducted online.. and our habitat, Planet Earth, is in extremely deep doo-doo as a result of our activity.

Our lifestyles in the west are somewhat financed on the poverty of others and the destruction of the natural environment. We not only generate substantial pollution in our own countries, but we outsource it to places like China who manufacture the cheap goods we demand.

The situation couldn’t go on forever and we’re now at a tipping point. Our excesses are rapidly biting us on the ass and if it hasn’t impacted on you personally yet, it may soon.

The environment is an issue I’m somewhat passionate about, but I try to keep that separated from Taming the via one of my other projects, Green Living Tips. There’s also a little about some of my environmental and social commitment activities here.

On Blog Action Day, many participating bloggers who don’t usually write about environmental issues will post green-themed items and how it relates to their topic – so TTB’s post that day will be “greener” than my usual ramblings.

The aim of Blog Action Day is to raise awareness in people and to get people talking about a greener and better future.

If you have a blog, regardless of the topic, please take a trip out to Blog Action Day to learn a little more and join in on the action if you can. As it’s not until October 15th, that’s plenty of time to have a think and draft an item. If you do want to participate but you’re not sure how you can relate your topic back to environment, shoot me an email, I’d be only too pleased to give you some ideas.

If you don’t blog but visit others regularly, please let those bloggers know about it. This is serious stuff – the future of our planet is at stake.

While I’ve always had somewhat of a green streak, the last couple of years of research on environmental issues has totally convinced me that we’re at a major crossroads. A “business as usual” approach to the environment is not an option.

We can use this wonderful tool, the Internet, to help effect the necessary drastic action needed to occur to restore our planet’s health – for the sake of all the creatures upon it and future generations of our own species.


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