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Blog action day – get involved

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Thursday October 9, 2008 )

Got a blog? Help to make a positive difference in the world by getting involved in Blog Action Day.

Blog Action Day is an annual event that occurs on October 15 which aims to unite the world’s bloggers and boost the buzz on a specific topic. The nonprofit event kicked off last year with the topic being environment. This year, the topic is poverty.

Basically all you need to do is post an item related to the topic – something useful and constructive to help raise awareness of the issue and perhaps possible solutions. The Blog Action Day organizers ask us to try to keep our post related to our topic – this allows for the issue to be seen from a variety of angles. As an example, since TTB is about online business and I’m involved in microfinancing entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva; I’ll be writing a little about that.

It doesn’t matter whether your blog audience is large or small, every post helps.

Humans are funny critters, whatever we focus on expands in our awareness.. so if a ton of us are focused on writing about poverty on October 15, there’s a better chance of the problem and solutions sinking in if everywhere folks surf, that’s the topic that’s appearing. It’s somewhat ironic though that the topic chosen and the timing coincides with the world’s recent financial woes.

If you need some facts and statistics about poverty, the Blog Action Day organizers have you covered. Be sure to register for Blog Action Day if you’re going to participate – it only takes a minute!


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