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Bing likes Facebook (& vice-versa)

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday October 16, 2010 )

Facebook announced Wednesday it was partnering with Bing to display Facebook users’ friends recommendations to online search.

How it will work:

When you run a Bing search or a Facebook search (which is powered by Bing), a user will be able to see which pages in the results their “friends” (I tend to use that term loosely now) also recommended.

The feature is designed to add a peer stamp of approval to search engine listings.

Facebook/Bing integration is starting to appear in some results, but it’s intermittent. Facebook says it will be rolling out the feature in the USA over the next few weeks.

Bing users will be able to opt out of the feature.

Imagine if Google did something similar.

Let’s say you’re a Facebook user; you run a search on Google and are presented with the usual 10 organic results on the first page. The chances are pretty good that you would click on the first result. Bu let’s say you see one of your friends (and I mean someone you actually know) has recommended the second ranking site – which would you be more likely to click first?

This new feature has generated a lot of controversy – but if this is the way things are going; it will heavily impact on the world of search engine optimization. Social media, like it or hate it, is playing increasing role in SEO.

If you don’t already have a Facebook profile set up for your business, it’s another reason to get cracking on one. It doesn’t have to be anything flash or suck up a lot of your time – learn more about Facebook as a marketing tool.


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