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Bacn – tastier spam

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday August 25, 2007 )

The online revolution has seen many new terms and words enter into common usage; some even now listed in English dictionaries. For example, the word spam. Spam now has a new companion term – bacn, which means somewhat “tastier” spam.

Prior to the days of it meaning annoying and unsolicited email, Spam was just a canned meat product. How it came to mean junk email is a topic of some debate, but it’s thought that the term originated in connection with a popular 1975 Monty Python comedy sketch about the mystery meat where the word spam is used a couple of hundred times.

For your viewing pleasure and as a lesson in online history, here is that sketch :).

Monty Python is an acquired taste – as is spam; the meat product that is :).

Anyhoo, the term “bacn” (the lack of an “o” is intentional) is now making its way into the online vocabulary. It’s a step above spam and refers to the countless notifications and alerts we receive from various social networks and services we subscribe to – friend requests, comment alerts, newsletters and updates. We want to read the contents of these bacn emails, but they are low down on our priority list, so they just gradually fill our inboxes until they practically explode.

Now, I’m not sure if this conference in the video below will go down in history as being the first time bacn was discussed or as being the origin of the term; but it seems that it has been the event to bring bacn mainstream.

Someone at the conference mentioned “sausage” as being email you really want, but I believe there’s already an accepted term for that – ham. I’m also not sure if vegans and vegetarians have their own lingo for grading email :).

OK, so this information and 3 bucks will get you a cheap cup of coffee, but I just wanted an excuse to post up the Spam, Spam Spam video. I feel it’s an important part of cultural education for the young ‘uns who may never have been exposed to the wonderful contributions Monty Python made to comedy in the 70’s, and unbeknownst the the actors at the time; to the online world also :).


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