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Australian bushfire appeal

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Monday February 9, 2009 )

I love my country – its harshness somehow adds to the beauty; but the bushfire emergency of recent days has reaffirmed in me just how deadly it can get here.. and so quickly.

In the north of our country, floods are the problem. In fact, 60% of the state of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone. To the south in the state of Victoria, bushfires have claimed over 130 lives in the last couple of days and hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. Thousands are now without a home. Hundreds of thousands of acres of bushland have been razed.

Our professional and volunteer firefighters have done an amazing job; battling incredible temperatures made even worse by the flames. I’ve seen photos of alloy wheel rims of cars turned into puddles of molten metal. The fires arrived during a heatwave so intense, electrical infrastructure started buckling under the strain.

Australians are overall a pretty generous lot. Regardless of our internal differences and petty squabbles, when the chips are down we mobilize. Appeals that were launched just 24 hours ago have raised around AU $7 million already.

With bushfires continuing to rage and only a few days window where fire authorities will be able to get on top of things, I do fear what the weekend may bring – and our summer is not over yet. Even more unsettling is the fact that some of these fires have been deliberately lit. More resources will be needed to help prevent the loss of life, more assistance required to help rebuild shattered lives.

I know that most of the readers of TTB are from outside Australia’s shores and the current economic crisis is putting the pinch on everyone, but I’d just like to ask if you can spare a few bucks to help the Aussie families who have been affected, your donations would be greatly appreciated I’m sure.

Donations can be made via via the Red Cross, Salvation Army or Bendigo Bank


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