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Who’s buying shares in your site?

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday April 22, 2006 )

I was digging through some server logs today and came across a site that was selling shares in Taming the at $150 a throw. The page also stated that there were 573 shares left. As you could imagine, I was a little curious as to what was happening and thinking that perhaps I should get in on the action; after all, at $150 per share, that’s a steal ;).

After a little more digging around and I found it was all part of a game called AlexaDex. No real money changes hands – when you sign up (which is free), your account is credited with 10,000 “dollars”. You then compete with other members by buying and selling shares in web sites listed in Alexa.

The price and value of a share is determined by Alexa’s reporting of daily reach per million. For example, if you purchase shares in a site that has a reach of 10, then over the next month the site improves its reach to 80 per million users; then your shares will greatly increase in value.

In case you aren’t aware of Alexa; it’s a search engine powered by Google that also provides ranking reports on sites based on comparitive activity. Alexa garners this information from the data collected from millions of Alexa toolbar users. Alexa rankings are one of the factors used in valuing domains and sites are valued and the data is also used by companies looking to establish partnerships or link exchanges.

It’s important to note that Alexa is not 100% accurate; the statistics tend to bias certain types of sites, but it is a good benchmarking tool for monitoring progress compared to others in your niche.

Back to AlexaDex; it’s always interesting to see the novel use of data provided by another company via an API (Application Programming Interface) – I’m sure the game is a lot of fun; wish I had time to play it :).

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Applications such as AlexaDex are commonly referred to as “mash ups” and are a part of the brave, somewhat new world of that buzz term you’ve probably been hearing bandied by all and sundry lately – Web 2.0.

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