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Over 2 billion surfing the web

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday February 8, 2011 )

In just ten years; between 2000 – 2010, the number of Internet users globally grew from under 400 million to over two billion.

2 billion people is hard to visualize – but it’s more than 6x the population of the USA.

By 2009, over a quarter of the world’s population also had access to a computer at home.

According to data from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) World Telecommunication/ICT Regulatory and Indicators databases, over 80 countries around the world have also adopted or planned to adopt a national broadband strategy.

Furthermore, in some countries broadband access has become a legal right! The total number of fixed broadband subscribers had skyrocketed from about 150 million in 2004, to almost half a billion by the end of of 2009.

Even developing countries are only 10 years behind Sweden when it comes to the Internet; the nation ranking first in ITU’s ICT Development Index

On a related topic, the number of mobile worldwide grew from under 1 billion to over 5 billion during the last decade. Considering there are just shy of 7 billion people on the planet, that’s an incredible level.

The ITU points out that increased competition has provided many benefits in terms of access to new information and communication technologies. In 2010, competition was available in over 90% of countries in mobile and Internet services.

So much happened in the online world during that 10 year period – heck, so much has happened since. It really makes you wonder what it will be like by the end of this decade.


Evolution of the World Wide Web – a timeline.


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