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Shopping cart abandonment survey

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday July 3, 2009 )

Paypal and ComScore recently conducted a survey among active shoppers in relation to shopping cart abandonment – and not much has changed over the years. Consumers are still abandoning carts at a frightening rate.

Of the 553 people surveyed, nearly half (45 percent) abandoned their carts multiple times in the three weeks previous to the survey due to a variety of reasons.

* High shipping charges: 46 percent
* Were comparison shopping: 37 percent
* Couldn’t afford the product: 36 percent
* Went looking for coupons: 27 percent
* Wanted to shop offline: 26 percent
* Preferred payment option not available: 24 percent
* Item unavailable: 23 percent
* Couldn’t locate customer support: 22 percent
* Concerned about security of credit card data: 21 percent

According to the survey report, the average cost of abandoned goods in U.S. shopping carts is $109.

In regards to the other points, while shopping cart abandonment can never be totally stamped out, there’s many things merchants can do to minimize it. Often it’s simple things that can make the most difference. Pick up some tips in my guide to reducing shopping cart abandonment.

It was surprising to see the high number of people looking for coupons – but I guess it’s a sign of the times. I’ve mentioned in the past that sometimes I think it’s more effective to offer coupons than to have sales. As everyone has sales all the time; consumers get a little blind to the ploy; whereas coupons are still somewhat novel and appeal to the bargain hunter in all of us. Implementing a coupon strategy can be very simple – learn more about it in my article on coupon marketing.


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