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Recession-Proof Business – free download

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday August 13, 2009 )

Worried about how this recession is or may affect your business? At your wits end or just need to see a bit of hope? This free ebook may help. This isn’t a trashy download, but a valuable business tool.

The book, The Recession-Proof Business, was authored by Victor Cheng. Victor’s not one of these self-styled gurus who write about business and making money without actually having achieved substantial success himself.

He’s a Small Business Coach, graduate of Stanford University with a degree in quantitative economics, a former McKinsey consultant specializing in banking, and has been a guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School. He has also been a senior executive of two public companies.

Victor analyzed the past 12 recessions going back 136 years to find out what caused some companies / employers to make a ton of money in a recession, while others went to the wall. He noticed a similar pattern in all cases, a formula of sorts – and the book goes into detail about what it is and how to implement those concepts into your own business.

I downloaded the book this evening and so far have only had a quick flick through it, but it looks to be an interesting read.

The book is free, but you’ll need to supply your email address and no doubt you’ll be hearing more from Victor – but he seems to be an affable sort of guy with a lot of good advice to share :).

Download The Recession-Proof Business


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