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Another international shipping service

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday May 16, 2010 )

Earlier this week, I posted details about service available to US online merchants who would like to sell goods to clients overseas, but without the headaches regarding shipping and uncertainty in relation to credit card fraud. Here’s another international shipping service worth a look that addresses both those issues.

Like International Checkout, Bongo International provides a cross-border ecommerce solution for merchants.

Here’s how it works:

International consumer shops your site and heads for the checkout. When arriving on the checkout page, a Bongo logo invites the person to register for an international shipping account by entering some basic details, including a credit card number.

Bongo International then automatically checks the details including a check for any fraudulent activity. Bongo’s fraud screening applications have resulted in a zero fraud rate according to the company.

The shopper is then provided with a US address to have the goods shipped to – Bongo’s US hub in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The shopper then completes checkout using the Bongo location as the shipping address.

After the online purchase, the customer can then (via an online interface) choose to have the goods shipped immediately or held to be consolidated with other US purchases, which saves the person cash on shipping charges.

The customer is provided tracking numbers for all shipments, including mapping software so that they can see where their packages are at any point in time.

Bongo also manages all export compliance procedures and runs each consumer through the government’s Denied Party Lists prior to activation of their account. The service offers a series of customizable APIs that allow you to display landed shipping costs international consumers while they are shopping.

As with International Checkout, the service is free to merchants – the customer pays an additional processing fee to use the service.

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