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International checkout: overseas shipping

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday May 13, 2010 )

Are you a US merchant who would like to ship your goods internationally, but are concerned about the amount of effort involved? International Checkout might be worth considering – and it’s free.

Many online merchants would like to ship their goods overseas but are hesitant to do so due to the effort and uncertainties of transporting goods to other countries, plus the additional concern of credit card fraud.

International Checkout is a service that says it takes the headaches out of international sales and shipping.

How it works:

International customers shop your site per usual using your shopping cart. At the point of checkout, they are directed to click the International checkout button.

The contents of their cart are then transferred to a single page checkout hosted by International checkout. The customer pays them, then International Checkout places the order on behalf of the customer with the merchant, paying via US credit card and following the merchant’s normal domestic checkout procedures.

The purchased goods don’t go to the consumer first, they go to International Checkout who then inspect, pack and ship to the customer via FedEx or UPS, traceable and insured, anywhere in the world.

I saw it in action recently and while the process above seems complicated, it was seamless and quick.

The cost? Nothing.. and no long term commitment. I’m assuming their cut is added to the final total that the customer pays.

This seems like a really interesting way to get a foot in the door in international markets with minimum fuss, capital outlay or investment of time!

Learn more about International checkout

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