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GM selling cars on eBay

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday August 11, 2009 )

I’ve bought quite a bit of gear on eBay, but never a car. However, embattled GM thinks that eBay is worth a try in order to bolster its flagging sales.

225 California GM dealers are selling new cars on the platform up until early September (initially).

Consumers will be able to buy a vehicle at a “Buy It Now” price or they can submit an offer to a dealer. The selling dealer will respond to arrange financing and delivery options.

“Buy It Now” or the seller accepting an offer doesn’t guarantee the buyer will get that vehicle as of course the buyer will still have to make satisfactory arrangements to pay for the vehicle. Also, while the vehicles are listed online, they are also available to off-the-street enquiries at the dealership, so the vehicle can be sold to someone else at any time.

If a “Best Offer” is not accepted, you can submit another Best Offer (limit 10), as long as the vehicle remains unsold. Like the term “friends” it seems that “best offer” is about to lose all meaning too :).

Because the final transaction will occur at the GM dealership rather than at eBay Motors, buyers will not be covered by the Vehicle Purchase Protection program.

This experiment may be particularly attractive to people who avoid car yards due to high pressure sales tactics.

It will be very interesting to see how this initial run goes – and I’m sure other car manufacturers will be watching closely too.

GM’s ebay store can be viewed here.


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